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Perhaps unironically, it was right around the time Tinder released those stats and other discouraging data that Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of The League, put the wheels in motion for her own app.

After the end of a long-term relationship and some false starts using apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid, Bradford took matters into her own hands to find a date that had a good job, a good education, and who also wanted a partner just as successful in her own right.

The job market is growing like crazy, and it’s a really amazing place for millennials, and a lot of our clients these days are in their early 30s.” Kaplan also noted that the city’s reach to areas of South Jersey, the Pennsylvania suburbs, and Delaware help boost what is considered the Philadelphia dating market.

“There are so many people out there, but they’re not all condensed in Center City,” she said.

“It’s filled with busy professionals,” Kaplan said.

“It’s a city filled with academics who come here to learn and help the city and never leave.

“Some of the datasets include, but are not limited to: user’s preferences data on the waitlist as compared to public census data, Linked In usage data as compared to Facebook usage data in said city, Higher Education rates, the density of the city, male: female ratio, etc.” But what makes a couple a “power couple? “Obviously, having reached some degree of professional success, scheduling and finding time is one of the biggest challenges.

That’s why doctors date nurses and businessmen date secretaries because they’re there and they have two hours of free time a day right in front of you,” she said.“When designing The League, I looked at the communities that are best, that foster relationships most consistently, and the two that appeared over and over again were work and school,” Bradford said.“Those are the most curated institutions that exist – you could argue that they are the most elitist things in the world.” Nonetheless, Bradford insists, that’s where people are meeting.As of this writing, 9,568 Philadelphians are registered for The League.Of those, 2,001 will join the ranks as the app’s “founding class” when it goes live, and everyone else will be left waiting in line for their turns.People need more avenues to meet their equals, and The League launching is great for Three Day Rule.” The hashtag used by League hopefuls attempting to boost their spot on the waiting list is usually #Get Me Off Tinder, fueling into The League’s criticism that it’s just an elitist version of the dating app.

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