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One and Two knew, to their pleasure, that the outfit wickedly traced her stomach muscles, even outlining her belly button ever so faintly, before sinfully slicking itself across their Mistress’s firm and elegant labia.

The fact that Mistress K had decided to complete her outfit in elegant thigh boots of the softest red leather to be found, only added to the sheer seductive danger she oozed.

She lethal, seductive, sexy, and the single authority both Maids had been trained to service without question. They had been people, women with their own lives, before their Mistress had personally broken them into her obedient and docile servants. The Maids had been clad in the same perfectly form fitted and one piece latex catsuits as their Mistress, this being her desired form of outfit for them to wear in her presence.

The collars K had fitted around her maids’ necks were solid titanium with thin silver plates around the outside, each bearing her personal seal.

A single ring had been placed dead centre on each maids collar for Mistress K's ease of control.

With a beautiful face formed of light Asian curves and tanned skin of an almost faint caramel, her lips were full and slickly coated in dark red lipstick, better to show off the pearly teeth as she smiled with catlike satisfaction.

Her body, clad in the most expensive latex catsuit money could buy, had maids One and Two shivering at the sight of her pert and foxy breasts straining against such thin and tight black latex.

Indeed, both maids would be indistinguishable, except that One had pale blond hair and Two had dark chestnut hair.

Both slaves’ hair spilled from the rear of the hoods in long luscious ponytails, as their Mistress found such hairstyles easy for bondage, especially excruciating hogties.

" In the darkened room, the woman her slaves only knew as Mistress K settled back into the soft, dark, red leather of a lounge chair and pale blue almond shaped eyes flicked to the laptop and the encrypted transmission it was connected to. perfect and I've had my eye on this little diamond for over a month now. I'm pretty certain it's clean." The lips curved and another slip was taken from the wine glass.

"Yes, we have." The synthesised voice, despite the static, was clearly amused. Firelight flickered off impressively curved legs clad in high quality and exquisitely fitted black latex. Goodbye." Mistress K watched as the encrypted communiqué closed and shut itself down, before reaching forward and closing the laptop.

The suit itself was a seamless one piece of elegant, almost artisan design.

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