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Hadoop is in use at many of the world's largest online media companies including Facebook, Fox Interactive Media, Linked In, Powerset (now part of Microsoft) and Twitter.Hadoop is entering the enterprise as evidenced by Hadoop World 2009 presentations from Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan Chase. What do I do if I discover it on a network I am testing?The global telephone network is often an opaque and muddy environment where many false assumptions of privacy are made by its users.

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Second, the speakers will overlay cellular tower data to depict coverage in a particular mobile switching center.

Next, the speakers will demonstrate how to visualize an individual traveling across adjacent mobile switching centers and the cell towers they are likely to associate with.

This talk will describe the types of attacks the Hadoop team attempted to prevent as well as the types of attacks the Hadoop team decided to ignore.

We will determine whether Hadoop was made any more secure through the application of copious amounts of kerberos.

Using virtualization technology, Virt-ICE is totally invisible to malware, thus renders most available anti-debugging techniques useless.

Thanks to the isolation provided by virtual machine, Virt-ICE is out of the reach of malware, and cannot be tampered with.

Many of these features can be used to enhance the security of third party applications, but not many developers or software architects know about them.

This talk will detail some of the technical underpinnings of Windows features like UAC, IE protected mode and Terminal Serivces and show how they can be used to defend your own software from attack.

The most important tool for dynamic malware analysis is debugger.


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  7. Roth said: 'It is incomprehensible to me that in today's Germany a passenger cannot board a plane simply because of his nationality.'The ruling angered Jewish groups and others, who argued that it condoned anti-Semitism after Kuwait Airways cancelled the passenger's ticket for a flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok.

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